How long has the Torah Awakening among Christians been happening? At least a generation! It has accelerated in the past 20 years, and now a new generation of teachers, pastors, scholars, and leaders are building on the pioneering work of their elders.

One of these young thinkers is Josh Ensley,  a teacher from North Georgia who began to learn about the Torah (Law) of God as a seminary student through the fellowship he attended. Today he is among a dynamic group of scholars who are putting academic rigor to common questions among Christians who are trying to reconcile what they have learned in church and what they are learning in Messianic and Hebrew Roots fellowships. That journey is the inspiration for Pronomian Christianity, the name Josh and his colleagues use to describe the faith walk of those who follow Jesus Christ (Messiah Yeshua) and keep the Law (Torah). How did Josh come on this path? That’s what we hear in this first part of our three-part interview with him.

We welcome Will Spires as our special musical guest, with songs highlighting the miracles of Chanukah, which is the subject of discussion with conversation Phillips and David Jones. As you listen, you may be surprised to hear the connections between Chanukah and Pronomian Christianity! 

Take a look at Josh Ensley’s website,

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  1. I am really enjoying Josh’s interview. His journey into the Hebraic is enlightening.

    1. Al McCarn says:

      Thank you Bev! We will air the final part of his interview on January 1-2 on, and post it here on the 3rd. That’s where you’ll hear Josh’s explanation of what Pronomian Christianity means and where it could be going.

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