If you were just beginning to wonder about the festivals Yeshua celebrated and whether they have any meaning for Christians, where would you go to get answers? Dr. Gayle Timberlake has a suggestion: take a look at the Simka Foundation, which not only offers teachings on the Feasts of the Lord, but also has resources to help people celebrate the Feasts on their own. In this three-part interview, Gayle explains how she came to understand and experience the blessings of observing the appointed times Messiah Yeshua observed, and establish the Simka Foundation as an avenue to help others experience that same blessing and joy. To learn more about the Simka Foundation, visit the website at https://www.simkafoundation.org/.

Gayle’s work with the Simka Foundation may seem unusual to those who recall the harsh words Yeshua spoke to the Jewish leaders of His day – words of rebuke that leave us with negative stereotypes of Pharisees and other Jewish sects of the time. That’s a subject Barry Phillips and David Jones address in their conversation entitled, “Does Pharisee Mean Bad?” It’s an eye-opening conversation, punctuated by the music of Dylan White and Laura Metzing

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