In this week’s interview portion, we go to San Mateo, Florida for the first segment of a two-part interview with PJ and Christie Jones and learn of their ministry called Halachah Chayim, or Walk of Life. The Scriptures tell us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, but we consistently encounter adversity that leaves us wounded and in some measure incapacitated. Halachah Chayim addresses that by revealing important truths about healing to the Body of Messiah. Our musical guests are Solomon Lopez and the House of Aaron. Solomon sings “Am Israel Chai” from Born at Home Sessions Volume 1. Cindy Howard Delgato is the featured vocalist in “Whom Have I” from the album Walk Beside Me. In the midrash portion, Elders David Jones and Barry Phillips discuss Offense. Can we continue to love each other even though we’ve been recipients of someone’s offense toward us? Listen to another pertinent discussion that will aid us in growing into the image of Messiah.

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