People with vision sometimes are hard to understand. That’s because they are not as concerned about money, success, comfort, and the other things that fill the thoughts of most people. 

Samuel Wearp can tell us a lot about people of vision and purpose. He not only works with them, he is one of them! That’s why he has such passion about helping the shepherds of Judea walk out their calling to see the promises of Israel’s restoration come to pass. Even more than that, Samuel invites all who are willing to join him in this work! How to do that is the subject of this concluding segment in our interview with him. 

Why do these Jewish pioneers have such zeal in their work to see Israel completely restored? Because they know they are home, and no longer in exile. The exile is still very real for multitudes of Hebrews, whether they are Jewish or not. Until the Messianic Kingdom of Israel is complete, the native born and the adopted remain in the exile of the nations. That’s what Barry Phillips and David Jones discuss in the midrash, “Praying in Exile.” How to come out of exile is what we hear in the music of Teshuva and Jimmie Black

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