If Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and David were all shepherds of Israel, wouldn’t it make sense that a significant part of Israel’s restoration would be the return of shepherds and their flocks to Israel’s Biblical Heartland?

Yes, of course that makes sense!

That’s the story of our conversation with Samuel Wearp. His passion for Israel’s land and people fuels his involvement with Blessed Buy Israel and the Nations’ 9th of Av, as well as many other initiatives aimed at supporting the work of Jewish pioneers in Judea and Samaria. In this two-part interview, Samuel tells us of an exciting new project to help the shepherds of Chavat Ma’on, in the Judean desert southeast of the ancient city of Hebron. One exciting part of this project is that you can be part of it!

This gets to an interesting aspect of God’s promises: we have the choice of joining Him in bringing those promises to fulfillment, or sitting back and complaining about why they aren’t fulfilled to our liking. That’s something Barry Phillips and David Jones address in their midrash called, “Complaining.” It’s also a theme in the music of our guest artists, Rut Banks and the Aleph Tav Band

Click here to learn how you can stand with Israel’s shepherds:


Want to know more about supporting the Jewish pioneers of Judea and Samaria? Check out these links:

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