Half of our production crew was away in Israel for the 3rd B’ney Yosef National Congress. We are back again with some interviews that took place in Israel.  This particular interview was with Daniel Cho from Korea. Daniel lives out of one suitcase traveling around the world with the message of Messiah. He walks in simple faith and trusts Abba’s provisions for each journey. Daniel shares about his revelation of Torah and how he is a voice crying in the wilderness in his native country of Korea. Solomon Lopez blesses us with the song “In Your Mercy” from the Hebraism music project, and Melody Joy blesses us with the song, “The New Jerusalem” from the album “The Beginning.”  Elders David Jones and Frank Houtz join us for the midrash portion, discussing with us what it means to be called as they explore the topic, “Attitudes and Obedient Sons.”  This discussion is very encouraging.  Listen with the right ears and you will be refreshed!

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