In this week’s show, we conclude our three-part interview with Glenn and Amanda Miller, who has been sharing about hiking the Israel National Trail. At the end of part two, Glenn and Amanda shared about their experience at hiking up Nahal Amood toward the town of Tzefat. After the interview, we hear from Will Spires as he sings “I Am Yahweh” from his album “The Return, and “YaHoVah” from the album The Beauty of Holiness. BYNA Elders David Jones and Barry Phillips bring a midrash on the topic of “Perception versus Reality.” What eyes are we using when we perceive and interpret what is before us? David and Barry start the discussion dealing with the incident of the spies. Will we as B’ney Yosef humbly identify in our own lives when our perception is not in line with the reality of our Creator?

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