What would it take to motivate you to move a thousand miles away from your family and friends? Maybe a promising new job? What about a new relationship, perhaps with someone you expect to marry? How about just getting away from an unpleasant or even dangerous situation? All of those might be good reasons to relocate to a strange new place, but would you do that to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit? That’s what David and Faith Jones did when they moved from Columbus, Ohio, to Brandon, Florida, to be part of a new work their pastor was doing in the Sunshine State.

You might recognize Dr. David Jones as one of the hosts of Reunion Roadmap. He and Barry Phillips have been sharing their thoughts on the scripture in the Midrash segment of the podcast since the beginning. Now we get to know more about David in his role as Pastor of Ruach Ministries International. Our three-part conversation starts with him telling how he and Faith decided early in their marriage to obey the voice of the Lord and move to Florida. It was a journey many years in the making, requiring much preparation before they were finally able to hear the call, and then obey even without knowing what awaited them in their new community. 

A big reason David took that step of faith is because he had learned from his parents to trust the Almighty. That’s an aspect of his life that has influenced his perspective on the topic he an Barry discuss in the midrash they call “Teach It To.” Mason Clover and Will Spires complete this show with musical offerings from their hearts of worship.

To learn more about Ruach Ministries International, visit http://www.ruachonline.com/

You can also check out David Jones’ book, The Restoration and the Gifts of the Spirit, at http://www.ruachonline.com/.

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