Do you know there are ways to help foster children without being a foster parent? This often comes as a surprise when people first hear about the foster system and begin asking how to get involved. Susie Boyle learned that when she and her family encountered children in need right next door in their neighborhood in Detroit. That’s what started her on a journey to make a difference for these vulnerable children and their communities. Now she is a guardian ad litem, serving as a volunteer advocate for foster children in South Carolina, and is the Director of Outreach and Partnerships for Fostering the Family, a Christian non-profit dedicated to igniting igniting churches and communities to support foster and adoptive families.

Teshuva and Rut Banks share their musical talents in this episode in songs that resonate with the needs of foster children. They may start out with every disadvantage, but there is still hope that they will finish well, as Barry Phillips and David Jones discuss in their midrash, appropriately titled, “Finish.”

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