Honoring our elders is the continuing theme in the first half of this show. We continue our visit to the Ebenezer Home in Haifa, Israel, the only retirement home in Israel for elderly disciples of Yeshua. David Phillips begins the segment by telling us about the project to build a nursing ward to expand the home’s capabilities. Then we hear from Samantha Lagoy, a volunteer at the home who shares a powerful testimony of how this ministry of love changes the lives of these older saints and those around them.

David Jones and Barry Philips investigate another aspect of love in the midrash portion as they dig into a puzzling portion of the Torah. Love is fundamental in the calling and identity of God’s people, as we hear in the music of Miriam Houtz and Solomon Lopez.

To learn more about the Ebenezer Home, including how you can help in such important work as the Nursing Ward project, visit their website at https://www.ebenezer.co.il/.

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