Psalm 133 tells us that it is good and pleasant for brothers to dwell together in unity. That’s true about any brothers or sisters, but what if David the Psalmist was referring specifically to the relationship between Judah and Ephraim? That relationship was already strained in his days, as the Scriptures tell us, and after the reign of his son Solomon the strain erupted into the division of the kingdom, the nation, and the family of Israel.  The division continues to this day, only now it takes the form of the rift between Jews and Christians. We are of the same family, of course. We all worship the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and we look forward to the restoration of all Israel under the reign of Messiah Son of David. So is there anything we can do to heal this division?

Our guests over the next four shows believe there is something we can do. Sister Georjean Allenbach, Beverly Hall, Donna Matts, and Barbara Wilkins were among the participants in the Nations 9th of Av, a gathering of Christians in Jerusalem to join with Jews in observing the 9th of Av on August 10-11, 2019. This unprecedented gathering served as a major milestone in bringing this family back together after several thousand years of adversity. How it happened is the testimony these four prayer warriors share. Be prepared for some challenges, surprises, and encouragement in this series of interview segments!

In keeping with the theme of this interview, David Jones and Barry Philips present a midrash on the topic of Teshuvah and Home, and we hear new music from Mason Clover, as well as an old favorite from Bill Green.

There are a number of topics covered in this show that you might want to investigate further. Here are some links that will be helpful:

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