I’ve really never pondered how very sensitive I am to spoken words. Even when they are not directed towards me, they can encourage me or leave me feeling devastated. The effect of spoken words stays with me for days, even years when I think about it.

I can reflect upon words spoken to me as a young child that can still make me smile or can bring a flood of tears.

Words seem to have the ability to charge the energy of my spirit or can drain it immediately.

Words that reach me either written or spoken concerning friends and family also have this same effect on my spirit.

Perhaps this is connected to Proverbs 17:22,

“A cheerful heart is good medicine but a crushed spirit dries the bones”


I wonder if the dried bones spoken about in Ezekiel are those that come from a crushed spirit, those that were without hope?

What rises to my attention today that I must confess and repent for is, at times, it can be so easy for a mouth full of explosive hurtful words to pour right out of my own mouth!

Oh, Mighty One of Israel,

you have created me to be sensitive to words, so that I can have compassion towards others in this area. Continually fill me with your spirit of self control so I will be mindful of the words I speak to those around me. 

May what comes out of my mouth always create a cheerful heart in others. ❤️

Polly Webb

BYNA Elder

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