At the age of 75, Bev Hall doesn’t show any signs of slipping into a comfortable retirement! She has already lived a full life, and as a widow and retired educator, no one would blame her for stepping back and relaxing. She explains why in this three-part interview. In the first segment, Bev tells how she found herself confronted with the choice of withdrawing into grief and isolation, or answering the Lord’s call to jump back into her calling as a seasoned teacher, intercessor, and elder. That has taken her into some surprising places, where she is now making a difference in the lives of Hebraic believers, Jews, and traditional Christians.

Bev’s journey has caused her to rethink her paradigms many times. That’s something we should be ready to do as our Heavenly Father acquaints us with areas that need attention. Our Elders, Barry Phillips and David Jones, discuss one of those areas in their midrash, “Does How We Worship Matter?” Ultimately, it’s about Him, not us, as we are reminded in the music of Will Spires and Eved Adonai.  

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