Bev Hall has a heart for guiding children in God’s truth. That’s what inspired her to become a teacher, and it’s what inspires her to continue teaching after retiring from professional education. These days, Bev not only teaches children on Shabbat and in Sunday church, but also shares what she knows about Torah and how she is blessed to keep it. This is part of the process of taking the Torah to the church. In this second part of our conversation, Bev shares how she does that, and the response she has received.

A major lesson of the Torah is the difference between the holy and the common. Another way to say that is the difference between clean and unclean. Our Holy God wants us to approach Him, but how can we do that if we’re stained by this fallen world? That’s what Barry Phillips and David Jones talk about in their midrash called, “Be Clean,” and what we hear in the music of Samuel & Benjamin Wearp and Gregory Brown.  

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