Fiction may be the most powerful kind of literature. Things that seem unbelievable and outlandish in real life become acceptable and even plausible in a well-written story. This is especially so when such things are woven into the fabric of a novel grounded in historical fact and filled with fascinating characters developed from real people. That’s exactly the kind of fiction Susanne Ratcliffe writes.

Susanne has just published her first novel, Stones of Wrath: The Tapestry. This is the first of a historical fiction series with its roots in the wanderings of Israel’s Ten Tribes – particularly the Tribe of Dan. In her first novel, Susanne introduces us to a mysterious artefact dating to Israel’s Exodus from Egypt, and a small group of faithful Hebrews who have safeguarded the artefact through the ages. This novel is set in England and Denmark in World War I, but its roots extend back through time to Mount Sinai, and forward to Israel’s complete restoration. In this interview, Susanne tells us what inspired her to write about the Ten Tribes, and how this inspiration grew into a sweeping saga that incorporates centuries of academic research in to the migrations of the Tribes, as well as her own family history.

At the most basic level, Stones of Wrath is a historical fiction series built on the identity of many peoples whose roots include an Israelite, or Hebrew, connection. That reality is what makes the Bible even more relevant to us all because it is our collective history that we share with the Jewish people of Israel.

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Stones of Wrath: The Tapestry is available on and Barnes & Noble.

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