Romans 2:4 states, “God’s Kindness leads you to repentance.” These words encapsulate a profound truth about our relationship with the Divine. As human beings, we are naturally drawn to goodness, love, and compassion. YHWH’s kindness embodies these virtues in their purest form, compelling us to seek closeness with the Divine.

In a world often fraught with suffering and despair, the kindness of Yah stands as a beacon of hope. It is in moments of darkness and difficulty that we long for comfort and solace. YHWH’s kindness extends beyond our understanding, embracing us in times of pain and offering us compassion and healing. Through experiencing this benevolence, our hearts are moved to seek God and find peace in His presence.

Additionally, YHWH’s kindness illuminates our own shortcomings and need for repentance. It reveals to us the depth of our brokenness and imperfection, yet offers forgiveness and redemption. When we encounter YHWH’s kindness, we become aware of the ways in which we have strayed from His path. This realization stirs a desire within us to turn away from our transgressions and return to YHWH’s loving embrace. This is demonstrated in Scripture by the Prodigal Son. 

Moreover, YHWH’s kindness challenges the notion of a distant and judgmental deity. It shatters the barriers we may have erected between ourselves and the Divine, beckoning us into a relationship built on love and acceptance. When we experience YHWH’s kindness, we understand that His intentions are not to condemn but to guide and transform us as we learn to walk like Yeshua walked. 

In conclusion, Romans 2:4 reminds us that it is through YHWH’s kindness that we are drawn closer to Him. His kindness embodies the essence of compassion, forgiveness, and love. When we encounter His benevolence, we are moved to seek His presence, repent from our shortcomings, and experience a profound and transformative relationship with our Creator. As we navigate life’s journey, may we be ever attuned to the call of YHWH’s kindness, drawing us ever closer to Him.

Dr. David Jones

BYNA Elder

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