Psalm 103 begins and ends with “Bless the Lord, oh my soul” and in verse one it continues “and all that is within me”. 

Have you ever stood next to a drum and “felt” the sound of the drum vibrating inside you? Have you ever “felt” the sound of a firecracker reverberating within you?

I recently watched a National Geographic episode that was talking about “seeing sounds.” In one experiment they had someone close their eyes while standing on the edge of an active volcano and explain what they were hearing and feeling – what they were “seeing” even though their eyes were closed. The person described the eruption of the volcano much like the ocean tides ebbing and flowing. Some more intense than others but all reaching deep within him as he trembled inside from the sounds of the eruption, the fire spewing out, the rocks flying. 

It made me wonder if that is what David was talking about. To “see” (even though we cannot see with our human eyes) and feel deep within us the power and majesty of THE KING that drives us towards relationship with Him and as a result – to bless Him at all times “from all that is within me.” 

Julia Johnson

BYNA Executive Secretary

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