We’ve all heard the saying “good, better, best,” in relation to how we live our lives for God, what choices we make, and how we sacrifice for Him and His work. I’ve known people who are devoted lovers of God and give their lives to serve Him. They participate with God to create beauty from ashes, offering the oil of joy for mourning, replacing a spirit of despair with garments of praise*.

I’ve also seen true lovers of God sacrifice to the detriment of their families.

I’ve seen the results of husbands and fathers who neglected their precious wives** and children*** in order to give all their energy and wealth to “the church.” The wife seemed haggard and defeated, and the children confused and floundering. All in the name of God. This sounds harsh, and may be an extreme case, but it’s what I’ve witnessed, and perhaps is not uncommon.

Of course, it’s all relative to what God has for each of us to do while here on earth. No one’s perfect. Life happens and can be very difficult at times. We can tilt a bit, barely making it through our days. And God is good and will always take care of His own.

What I’m referring to here is a lifestyle, or more deeply, a tilted belief system that teaches a skewed idea of sacrifice.

Which leads me to a few questions:

Is this how God would have it?

What or whom are we sacrificing? And to What or Whom?

What is the fruit of our lives?


As we’ve sought to discern the difference between the good, the better, and the best, and our hearts are truly right, and we’re positive we’re choosing the best; have we, even so, inadvertently sacrificed the precious?

Candi Runyon

BYNA Prayer Director

*Isaiah 61 **Proverbs 31:10 ***Psalm 127

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