This nexus of history is remarkable for many reasons. One of the most remarkable aspects is what seems to be an expanding willingness of Jews and Christians to establish relationships based on their shared faith in the God of Israel and expectation of His promises of redemption to be fulfilled. On the other hand, this present time is remarkable in that mainstream Judaism and Christianity are still at odds with one another, and there are many on both sides who resist any cooperation, and who view those who reach across the divide with suspicion.

Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz addresses these topics in this second part of our conversation. He knows his subject, having covered it for several years as a columnist for Israel365 News. Israel is the center of this nexus in history – which is a blessing, but it comes at tremendous cost. That’s what Eliyahu shares in this interview, and in his latest novel, The Master of Return and the Eleventh Light.

A beautiful part of what Eliyahu shares is the willingness of Christians and Jews to help one another in our shared journey. It’s good to have help along the way, but how much help to we thrust aside because we don’t appreciate the source? We hear about that in “Allowing Help,” the latest midrash from David Jones and Barry Phillips, and in the music of Lenny & Varda and Eved Adonai.

The Master of Return and Eliyahu’s other books are available at Root Source at the following links:

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