Easy ones…..

1. What does the word “Hanukkah” mean? ____________________

2. What was being dedicated(or re-dedicated) in the story of Hanukkah? ______________

3. When did the events of Hanukkah take place? ______________

4. Where does the story of Hanukkah take place?_________________

More difficult: In what specific town did the revolt begin ? _____________________

Xtra credit: Of what tribe were the Maccabee family?__________________________

Xtra xtra credit: What were the Jews being asked to do when the revolt began?


5. Whose culture and beliefs were being forcibly imposed upon the Jews?_______________

More difficult: What is the name of this belief system and culture?________________

6. Difficult: How is this belief system still being imposed upon us today in our time?

A. ___________________________________________________________

B. ___________________________________________________________

C. ___________________________________________________________

7. What great warrior leader of that culture lead to the eventual events of Hanukkah?


Hint: he lived about 175yrs before the Maaccabess Hint 2: He was Greek and Great.

8. What two powers were engaging in battle and when one of them lost, he took out

his frustrations on the Jewish people?________________________________________

9. What did Antiochus Epiphanes claim to be? ________

10. What miracle(s) occurred during the time of Hanukkah and the Maccabees?


11. For family discussion: How are we engaged today in a type of Maccabeean revolt of our

own? _____________________________________________________________________



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