My spiritual insight seems to be nourished when I pause long enough to observe what is taking place within and around me. Perhaps this is why the Sabbath rest is of such great nutritional value to our physical and spiritual beings. The physical seems to always have a connection to the spiritual. 

An example of this is my 43 years of marriage, 8 children, 5 children added by marriage and 10 grandchildren that have provided an abundance of physical observations and spiritual insight.

My growing spiritual insight has caused me to draw closer to my Creator and coming Bridegroom. This often takes place when interacting with my gift of family. 

Over the next few weeks, I hope to share more about my experience of drawing closer to Elohim and how my spiritual insight has revealed needed areas of repentance and personal change.

I will begin when I met my husband. We were in a large group of people; his presence captured my attention in the midst of much that was taking place.  I desired to know more about this person who had just paused my attention. Who is he, what is he about? 

An introduction became an acquaintance. An acquaintance became a friend. A friend became my husband. My husband became my love.

I relate this physical experience to my fist personal encounter with my Creator, The Mighty one of Israel. He captured my attention in the midst of much taking place. I desired to know more about Him, who is He, what is He about?

An introduction became an acquaintance, an acquaintance became a friend, a friend drew close and taught me He was the definition of love. 

As with the man that became my husband, the more time I spent interacting with him, the closer I was drawn in by him. We became one (echad). Separation was no longer an option. A lifelong covenant commitment was made. 

The more time I spend interacting with my Creator in prayer, fasting and reading His Words recorded for me, the closer He draws me. I become one with His Kingdom. Separation is no longer an option. A covenant lifelong commitment is being made. 

Personal changes are required of me to cultivate these relationships –

more on this topic later.


Pollyanna Webb

BYNA Elder

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