Just what is an intercessor, and how is that different from a prayer warrior? Donna Matts has some experience in that arena. In fact, intercessory prayer has been a huge part of Donna’s life for many years. She has been part of many prayer circles, including the prayer teams for Nations’ 9th of Av and B’ney Yosef North America. She shares her story with us in this show, and along the way sheds light on the often difficult, but highly rewarding, work of an intercessor.

Donna is also part of the core planning team for Nations’ 9th of Av. To learn more about what they are doing and how you can be part of this groundbreaking work of reconciliation, visit https://9-av.com/.

The music of Will Spires and  Jimmie Black add another dimension to Donna’s testimony, along with the midrash by Barry Phillips and David Jones which they call, “Be A Light.

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