When God begins to do something, He raises up pioneers who are ready to hear His voice and do what He says, even if it seems impossible. Of course, it usually is impossible, which is why only God gets the credit! We see this in the miraculous rebirth of Israel as a nation. That’s why the continued existence of the Jewish people is the greatest evidence that there is a God Who is willing and able to come through on His promises.

So what about His promises to restore the rest of Israel: those “Lost Tribes” of the northern kingdom of Israel? Is their restoration included in the restoration of the Jewish people, or should we expect something else?

Tzefania Pappas is one of those Ephraimite pioneers who affirm that we should expect something else. There is more of Israel yet to be gathered from the nations and joined with Judah, the Jewish part of the nation, to complete the restoration of all Israel. In this second part of our conversation, Tzefania explains how this miraculous restoration process was beginning in South Africa during his sojourn there.

This kind of story requires considerable faith to believe and walk out. That’s what Teshuva and Rut Banks sing about in their musical presentations. This kind of faith is also best walked out in the company of like-minded pioneers, as Barry Phillips and David Jones explain in their midrash, “Division or Die-vision.”

Tzefania has been blessed to take part in a number of developments in Ephraim’s awakening over the past two decades. One is the March Through the Arch in 2008, a video of which is available here:

He is also the co-founder of Beyond the Mountain, which can be seen at the following links:

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