Tzefania Pappas is one of the founders of B’ney Yosef North America, and has contributed his talents to the Reunion Roadmap production team since the podcast began. Now we get to hear his story! It’s the story of a brother who has been on a journey toward Zion for his entire life – a journey that received focus and direction when he became aware of his Hebraic identity and connection to Israel. This is a journey that has taken Tzefania from his roots in the American Midwest, to South Africa, and many times to Israel. In this three-part interview, he shares with us the inspiration that set him on this path, and the surprising twists and turns his journey has taken.

The Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit) has directed Tzefania’s journey, just as He has directed the journeys of all who seek the way toward the heart of our Creator. Barry Phillips and David Jones have much to say about the Spirit’s role in their midrash called, “Water and Spirit” – a subject that has also inspired the musical offerings of Mason Clover and House of Aaron.

Tzefania has been blessed to take part in a number of developments in Ephraim’s awakening over the past two decades. One is the March Through the Arch in 2008, a video of which is available here:

He is also the co-founder of Beyond the Mountain, which can be seen at the following links:

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