What is the best way to improve Jewish-Christian relations? Gidon Ariel has some excellent ideas about that based on his years of experience as founder and CEO of Root Source, an organization dedicated to promoting respectful relationships between pro-Israel Christians and Jews.

This is a crucial topic for everyone who loves Israel, especially in this time of escalating anti-Jewish sentiment and actions around the world. Opposition to Israel and the Jewish people didn’t start with the current war in Gaza, but the war has sparked a resurgence of anti-Semitism to the point that Jewish communities outside Israel no longer feel safe. That is the starting point of our conversation, which took place on the very day the Israel Defense Forces began the long-awaited offensive into the last Hamas stronghold in Rafah.

Listen as Gidon shares his perspective on the present war, the anti-Israel protests in America and elsewhere, the future of Israel, and his hopes for stronger Jewish-Christian relations through the efforts of bridge-building pioneers on both sides.

A key resource for those who would like to cultivate friendships between Christians and Jews should take a look at Bridge Builders: Top Activists in Christian-Jewish Relations. That is one of many resources available through Root Source. Visit https://root-source.com/ and connect!

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