This week we go to the state of Ohio to interview Laura Densmore, a good friend of BYNA who has assisted Eddie Chumney with the launch of Hebraic Heritage Radio ( It was Laura and Eddie who issued the invitation to BYNA to produce the program that would become Reunion Roadmap. In this two-part interview, Laura tells us about Bridge Connector Ministries and related projects in which she is involved.

Kelly Ferrari Mills opens the music portion of this show with “Sweet Hour of Prayer,” followed by Melody Joy singing “Hope.”

Barry Phillips and David Jones present a midrash with the intriguing title, “Say What?” in which they discuss recent events, particularly the murder of members of Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA. How do we relate to these events, and how do we respond appropriately without becoming a polarizing figure? Where is the balance? Barry and David have produced another discussion that will get us all to examine ourselves!

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