This week we go to Charlotte, North Carolina to interview Kathryn McCarn. In relating her story, Kathryn inspires us to pay attention to what God can do with the millennial generation and exhorts Millennials to get involved and do their part in this restoration process. [Update: On September 7, 2019, Kathryn married Benjamin Cohen. We hope to have the Cohens with us to share the story of their courtship and the beginning of their life together as man and wife.]

Solomon O. Lopez blesses us with “Create In Me.”  In our second musical offering, we hear “I Will Wait,” by Miriam Houtz.

The midrash this week is “Guard Your Heart,” in which David Jones and Barry Phillips discuss the importance of keeping vigilant to that which would ensnare us. Sometimes we are not aware of how vulnerable we are. David and Barry help us bring understanding to this very important topic.

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