This week we go to Ellijay, Georgia to interview Justin and Laura McCullough who share their unique perspective as members of North America First Nations tribes. Justin and Laura participated in the Resolution of Apology meeting held in Woodstock, Georgia, on December 2, 2018. Such a gathering brings us the question, have we done enough to repent of the wrongs done against First Nations people? The McCulloughs present some thought-provoking considerations, particularly about how the State of Georgia can help to make a difference in the lives of First Nations.

We are blessed to share two songs from The Blessed Blend, Chief Joseph and Dr. Laralyn Riverwind. The first is “Guide Me Yehowah” from their album “Journey Through the Mist”, followed by “Morning Star Round Dance” from the album Tribal Thunder. Both are available from, and on the Riverwinds’ YouTube channel.

Elders David Jones and Barry Phillips bring a midrash discussion on the Torah portion Vayechi. This portion includes the story of Jacob’s blessing over Joseph’s sons Ephraim and Manasseh (Genesis 48), and his blessings over his other sons. Why is this portion relevant to people today? That is what David and Barry explain!

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