How do we know if we’re living through not only world-changing events, but long-awaited fulfillment of prophecies? Chances are, we won’t know until we have lived through the transition and look back with spiritual hindsight to discern what exactly happened. However, we can have some idea of what we’re experiencing, and what God would have us do. When it comes to Israel, Samuel Wearp is a good person to consult. He has recently returned from the Blessed Land, where he saw firsthand what has happened since the demonically-inspired assault on Israel on October 7, 2023. In this three-part interview, he shares his thoughts on the nature of this conflict, and how God’s people should walk through it.

Samuel and his brother Benjamin share a message in song later in the podcast, and we hear as well from Barry Phillips and the Aleph Tav Band. These musical selections frame the midrash Barry and David Jones share, which they call “Offering-Obedience.”

Samuel and his family are intimately connected to Israel through their business, Blessed Buy Israel, and through Ten From the Nations. To learn more about how you can connect to Israel, check out both websites: 

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