While purging files today we came across notes we had made during a BYNA leadership discussion after the passing of Frank Houtz, of blessed memory. Here are a few of our notes.

Frank Houtz taught us this:

  • It is more important how we treat people than what we know.
  • People will forget what we say, they will not forget how we make them feel.
  • At the end of the day, can we love each other through our disagreements?
  • Meeting the needs of others defines who we are.
  • We cannot transfer to others what we don’t have.
  • YHWH, stir up the gifting in us, fan it into a flame that is tangible, anoint us with fresh oil, let it be evident by those who experience us that a gift from you was transferred to them.
  • Yeshua said, “my peace I give you”
  • Don’t handle a holy thing without peace.

Abba, thank you for the peace you have transferred to us. Help us always to share your Holy Words with PEACE.


Mark and Polly Webb

BYNA Elders

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