Our destination this week is Abilene, Texas, where we meet Pastor Chad Perry of Clearfork Baptist Church. Is it possible to pastor in a Christian church and still practice a Torah walk in Messiah? Yes, it is possible, as Chad confirms. In fact, it was as a Baptist pastor that he began to understand the Torah principles our Messiah lived out. In this first segment of a two-part interview, Chad tells us of his lifelong walk with Yeshua that began as he grew up in Louisiana.

Along with Chad, we have musical guests Bill Green and Will Spires. Bill sings “The Road We Walk,” and Will performs “Who Are These,” one of the songs from his album The Return, available at KeyofDavidpublishing.com.

In the second half of our show, Elders David Jones and Barry Phillips encourage us to look above to the One who has all the answers!

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