What would happen if dozens of researchers began comparing notes on what they have found about the migrations of Israel’s Ten Lost Tribes? What if those researchers included representatives of indigenous peoples whose traditions indicate Israelite heritage? That’s what Margot Crossing and her colleagues intend to find out, starting with the Interconnectivity of Ancient Israel in Asia Symposium. This academic conference, held in the city of Aizawl, India, in late November 2023, is the first of its kind. In this two-part conversation, Margot explains what this symposium is all about, and what she hopes will result from it.

Israel’s God exiled all the tribes from the Promised Land for good reason. Yes, both Judah and Ephraim rebelled against their Redeemer, and God judged them for it, but there was a promise in that exile. We learn about it in the story of Jacob, as Barry Phillips and David Jones discuss in this first part of their two-part midrash called, “Exile and Restoration.” We also hear this message in the music of Lenny and Varda and Barry Phillips.

To learn more about Margot Crossing’s research into the Lost Tribes of Israel, visit her blog and other resources at the following links:

To learn more about the Ten in Ten initiative, and about the Mizo people and other Lost Book Peoples  mentioned in the interview, check out these documents:

The cover image includes a photo of Bakhtiari nomads in Iran, taken by Ninara in June 2011, accessible on Flickr at: https://flic.kr/p/9WAfjP.

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