Reunion Roadmap, BYNA’s flagship podcast, has now entered its eighth season! Two themes are taking the forefront in the winter productions: research into the Lost Tribes of the House of Israel and the war Israel is now waging against Hamas and their allies. Here’s the schedule for the first three months of 2024:

  • The Lost Tribes Institute, with Margot Crossing and Richard Hewitt. In this three-part interview, Margot Crossing of Australia and Richard Hewitt of the United States about their work with indigenous peoples in India and Kyrgyzstan who know they are descended from the tribe of Manasseh, and about their collaboration with scholars from Japan, India, Korea, and elsewhere who are uncovering the Israelite lineage of their peoples. There is a serious academic effort at work to create a library and institute where these researchers can collaborate and share their findings with the world. (Podcasts went live on January 20 & 27 and February 3.)
  • How the World Changed on October 7, with Samuel Wearp. Our friend Samuel Wearp returns to Reunion Roadmap to share his firsthand experience in Israel as Operation Iron Swords unfolded in response to the barbaric attacks by Hamas on Simchat Torah (October 7) 2023. The conversation covers many important topics, perhaps the greatest being the challenges this war brings both to the Jewish people and to the Christian world (including Messianic and Hebrew Roots believers). (Podcasts scheduled for February 24 and March 2 & 9.)
  • Stones of Wrath, with Susanne Radcliffe. Australian author Susanne Ratcliffe has written a series of historical fiction novels about the exile of Israel’s Ten Tribes, and efforts to trace their wanderings into Europe. The first novel, The Tapestry, will be published in March of this year. In this three-part interview, we hear how she was inspired to write the series, the historical foundation of her fiction, and what is happening now in the world of Ten Tribes awakening. (Podcasts scheduled for March 16, 23, & 30.)

In addition to these interviews, you will hear uplifting Midrash discussions of biblical topics from our Elders Barry Phillips and David Jones and musical selections from Hebraic artists.

You can hear all the podcasts at any time on the Reunion Roadmap page of the BYNA website. That link is:

Every episode of Reunion Roadmap, along with special features, is available on our new podcast service at Buzzsprout:

You can also hear Reunion Roadmap on I Will Gather You Radio every weekday evening at 7:00 pm Eastern time. To access I Will Gather You Radio, click on this link:

Finally, you can find us at the place where Reunion Roadmap began, on Hebraic Heritage Radio, every Saturday and Sunday evening at 9:00 pm Eastern:

We hope you find Reunion Roadmap to be a blessing and an encouragement as you hear the many avenues being traveled in preparation for our Messiah’s Kingdom!

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  1. Truly the meditations of your heart, and the words of your mouth are acceptable to
    The Masters heart, and to the many who have been divinely connected to BNEYYOSEF.
    A joy filled reading, message, insight, and understanding!! Makes me “homesick” for
    Israel, the land, the people. Thank you for your obedience and the many “others”
    that were featured. Those who bless Israel, will be blessed. I am blessed.
    SHALOM, Bev Dennen

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