Was Christopher Columbus Jewish? If so, did his voyage of discovery in 1492 have any connection to his Jewish identity? That’s one of the questions Revis Daggett addresses in this second part of our conversation. Revis has learned much about the Anusim (Hidden Jews) of the Americas, and in her learning, she has arrived at conclusions about the clues in our language and folklore that might point to a hidden Hebraic heritage of many peoples in this hemisphere!

We could say that the Anusim have been hidden in the shadows of Hispanic culture – or we could say they have been hidden in the shadow of the Almighty. What does it mean to be “In the Shadow”? Barry Philips and David Jones look into that in their midrash. The answers have a direct connection to the Hebraic identity of the New Covenant, which Rut Banks and Kelly Ferrari Mills sing about in our featured musical selections.  

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