Life can be complicated and difficult. That’s why it’s essential to know who we are, and Whose we are!

If you want to know how Velvety Vocalist Rut Banks answers those questions, just listen to her story! We learn a lot about her in this second part of our three-part visit with her. Knowing who she is in her Creator has helped her through both the rough patches and the joys of life, and brought her the point where she can now share this testimony in song.

Our musical segments investigate these same questions, starting with an original song by Rut, and then a familiar exhortation from the Psalms by Eved Adonai. Barry Phillips and David Jones carry the theme of this show even further with their conversation about the question, “Who Do You Say I Am?”  

To hear Rut’s music, visit her YouTube channel at,

Rut’s husband Michael is a gifted massage therapist serving clients in the Nashville area. Check out his website at Leave At Ease.

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