Gayle Timberlake describes the Feasts of the Lord as gifts our God offers freely to bless His people. This is something our Jewish brothers and sisters have known for a very long time, but Christians are only now coming to understand it. In this second part of our conversation, Gayle explains how the Simka Foundation helps individuals, families, and churches enjoy these blessings as they follow the example of Messiah Yeshua in celebrating the Feasts.

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Gayle is right about the Feasts of the Lord being blessings, but there is another aspect to blessing that we seldom consider: our attitude toward the blessings our Heavenly Father bestows on His children. Do we appreciate His blessings in our daily lives, or do we take them for granted? That’s the topic Barry Phillips and David Jones address in their midrash, “Entitled Miracles.” It’s really a relationship issue – as in our relationship with our Father, as we hear in the music of House of Aaron and Will Spires

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