Why is it that Mexican grandmothers don’t want to talk about their families’ history? Could it be that there is a Jewish element in their ancestry, and they are still afraid it might be discovered? This is one of the topics Revis Daggett addresses in the third part of our conversation about the Hidden Jews, or Anusim, of the Americas. As she explains, elements of Jewish and Hebraic identity have followed the exiles of Israel wherever they went – not only in the Hispanic world, but also in such unexpected places as Ireland. 

The global scattering of Israel happened because God’s Covenant People weren’t acting like His people. That’s a problem we still have today, as Barry and David explain in their midrash, “Waterless Clouds.” The remedy is in remaining closely connected with our Creator, as we hear in Will Spires’ music inspired by the Psalms.  

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