This week we continue our interview with Sister Georjean Allenbach, Beverly Hall, Donna Matts, and Barbara Wilkins as they tell us more about their recent visit to Jerusalem for the Nations 9th of Av in August 2019. Their stories unfold with more details of the events surrounding this groundbreaking initiative and the relationships of trust and respect established between the two halves of God’s people Israel. What will this do for Christian-Jewish relations and the restoration of Ephraim and Judah? You may be surprised!

In this season of Sukkot, our Elders David Jones and Barry Philips look into not only the relations between God and His people but among all segments of His people as well in their midrash, Apples, and Fire. We enjoy as well the music of Mason Clover and Melody Joy Cloud.

There are a number of topics covered in this show that you might want to investigate further. Here are some links that will be helpful:

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